-Keagan Collins and Erin Lobach-

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Consumer Awareness

Identity Theftidentity_theft.jpg

Avoid Identity Theft Awareness is an effective weapon against any form of identity theft.
**Identity theft: What it's all about**


Identity Theft is when someone without your knowledge, takes a piece of your personal information and uses it to commit fraud.

Identity Theft Games and Quizzes

#2 Identity Fraud Safety Quiz
#3 Identity Theft Quiz
#4 Identity Theft Face Off

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Handling Consumer Complaint A Guide to help you with complaints

The Chart above is showing the number of consumer complaints from the years 1996-2006.

Customer Service- Consumer Complaints
Post free Customer Service reviews and Consumer Complaints
complaints regarding safety related motor vehicle and motor vehicle equipment by make, model and year.

Quizzes- Consumer Complaint, and Awareness Quiz
#5 Consumer Awareness Quiz

Scams and Fraud - Keagan Collins, Meagan Walsh and Erin Lobach

Examples of scams and fraudulent claims.
The Federal Citizen Information Center’s list of scams.
Tips for avoiding fake checks.
#6 Quiz
#7 Scams and Fraud Word Search.doc

Phishing *Kyle Gregory and Anthony Heddlesten

Phishing is the attempt to steal account information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details.

Phishing *Kyle Gregory and Anthony Heddlesten


#8 WORD SEARCH ACTIVITY *Anthony Heddlesten and Kyle Gregory

#9 Quizhttp://www.sonicwall.com/phishing/ *Anthony Heddlesten and Kyle Gregory

Public Information-Chris Mills, Ryan Maron, Josh Ziner, Pat Pilon

**Private vs. Public Information**

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